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Q:  How can I get the Fastest relief from my phimosis?

Q:  What are the hidden risks and dangers of circumcision?

Q:  How can I stretch my foreskin myself at home?

Q:  What exactly is phimosis?

Q:  What can I use if Betamethasone ointment or steroid cream didn't help cure my phimosis?

Q:  What causes a foreskin to be too tight?

Q:  Is there hope for me if I've Never been able to pull back my foreskin?

Q:  Do I HAVE to get circumcised, or do I have options my Doctor hasn't told me about?

Q:  How can I get relief from recurring infections?

Q:  Can I stretch my foreskin myself without using any weird gadgets?

Q:  Does the Glansie Tool work?

Q:  Does the GFS kit or Gentle Foreskin Stretcher work for phimosis?

Q:  Does the Natural Phimosis Cure work?

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"I Never Thought One Simple Household Product Could..."


I never thought one simple household product could make such a difference!  That little item you recommended to enable the stretching made all the difference in the world in being able to stretch my foreskin so that it's not tight anymore.  Thanks a million! 

Michael Cruz   -Calgary, Alberta  Canada


"Erections are More Frequent, Pleasurable and Exciting..."     
Dear Chris,  I just can't tell you how grateful I am to you for helping me cure my tight foreskin.  The results are fantastic.  My foreskin looks and feels so much better, it also seems to be longer. Correct colour pigmentation is returning, peeing is easier, the skin is much more flexible, softer, and is more alive and sensitive - improvements all round. Erections are so much more frequent, pleasurable and exciting.

 cure phimosis

     I wish I had found your website years ago and I do hope you are able to spread your message far and wide so that others can experience the same benefits as I have. I feel that GPs and medical specialists should know about this relatively simple but effective cure so that unnecessary circumcisions are never performed.    Thanks again, 

David Cotton    -Cheltenham, Gloucestershire   United Kingdom

Ask a Phimosis Expert Online Now!

"I'm So Glad I Did Not Listen to My Doctor..."
"Chris, I am 63 years old and had just a small area that had tightened, but it made things very uncomfortable in the mornings.  I'm so glad I did not listen to my Doctor who said circumcision was the only option for phimosis.  I did not want to go through that at my age.  This is so simple to follow!"

Scott O'Brian     -Co. Cork. Ireland

cure phimosis

"I Can't Believe I Almost Got Circumcised..."  
"Thank You Chris!  This was a real eye opener for me!  I can't believe I almost got circumcised, but found your website just in time.  I'll be grateful to you for the rest of my life!  Thanks again!"

Jeremy Wilkinson
-Middlesbrough, Cleveland  United Kingdom

cure phimosis

Ask a Phimosis Expert Online Now!


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